It’s been over a year since I last wrote on my blog.

Life is now wildly different for me, in all the beautiful and messy ways. I don’t think I need to mention the pandemic going on or the changes in our lives politically and economically.

I have grown a lot since I gave up on writing, and now I’m picking it back up. This time I’m not writing for me. I’m writing because of the many purposes the Lord is planting in my heart. It feels like sloppy stewardship if I hoard everything I learned about following Christ to myself.

So hi, I’m back.

And oh, I’ve got so many stories to tell.

For now, let me tell you about saying goodbye to ablazagirl, what used to be the username for all my socials. I’ve long thought about changing it because the name was born when I was still in college. I now feel like I’ve grown out of all the language of failure and disappointment I’ve attached to works by ablazagirl. They are not welcome in my life anymore.

I’m grateful for the work God is doing in my life, that He is still transforming me eight years after I said yes to following Him. I was stuck in a rut, a lack-of-writing quicksand, because I thought I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t worth listening to, that everything I could possibly say had been said before and therefore, don’t need any talking about by me. I had a sour outlook on my work, my life, my relationships. The year I took off writing for an audience helped me drop the performance and fully present myself to Jesus, who called me to His purposes, who loves me and gave Himself for me.

Most of my past blog posts are still here, for your perusal. Even in my immature way of thinking and distorted view of God’s love, ablazagirl was still a generous place. God’s faithfulness is still there all over my stories, and where I stumbled or lacked or faltered, there He was, salvaging my story and making it beautiful.

So now, with a newfound hope, a deeper understanding of Christ (which I hope, gets even deeper in time), and a stable-and-steadfast calling, let me tell you about the changes in my life in the past year, and the many changes yet to come.

This feels like a do-over for me, something the Lord is fond of giving to His people, and I’m glad you’re here to witness it, too.

A few posts are coming in the next days. Come back soon! ♡

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