the secret place

20181025_125529 (1).jpg20181025_125529 (1).jpg

You showed up today, Lord, didn’t You? 🌸💞 You stomped around, marked Your territory, pointed at all the corners of my heart and said “Mine, mine, mine”. 🌸 How is it possible You love us like You only had to pour out Your love on one 🌸 On me 🌸

“in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me Your face, let me hear Your voice.” (Song of Songs 2:14)


It’s been six years and six months of walking with You, Jesus, but today you whisked me away to a secret place – where it seems like You’ve been waiting for me. Here at the mountainside. where the sun shines golden and the trees point to You; I come away here. I was sitting on top of a dried-up 30 foot slide, overlooking all the things You made, and You came bounding, leaping towards me. You said You love me and that’s all I need to be. How naive of me to think I couldn’t possibly experience You freshly. You are here and my heart is expanding to a size I didn’t know was possible.

20181025_215254 (1).jpg20181025_215254 (1).jpg

Pray for us as we seek the Lord here.

May we hear His voice speak to our hearts. May He call us higher. May He cleanse us and free us and show us Himself.

Lord Jesus, come. Meet us in the secret place.

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