You Say I Am Yours

written on May 23, 2017.


In the grand scheme of things, against the backdrop of the cosmos and its stars and stories tucked in supernovas – my life is insignificant. The twists and turns I make do not make so much of a dent. You will not see me at a bird’s eye view


I am held captive by the truth that God is writing this life, poring over every single detail, rejoicing with me over little things, holding my heart whenever it gets too heavy; Yes. It is both surprising and fascinating that the God of the grand universe looks on me with love, with confidence, with fondness! That when He incarnated Himself and walked the streets of Jerusalem He had me in mind, chose me, called me by name; even as I was running, running, running away

My God – the Maker with stardust on His apron and every single human tear in a bottle on His desk – He is placing these words in my heart. I am nothing compared to all that He had gloriously made, creation that worship Him day and night and groan for the day of His return. I should have been dropped at the wayside. A reject. I am tarnished by sin. The crack runs deep and my insides have been rotten. Almost irreparable.


Father God. When even my earthly Father saw no worth in me and left, You picked me up and told me your story of redemption. It has a beginning, middle, end. You are in it everywhere, even in the parts that feel empty, the parts that hurt, the parts we blame on You.

You tell me about certain people you are very very fond of. They have been stubborn just like me. Jonah ran away too. Thomas asked for proof, too. Peter sank, too.

But just like them, you redeemed me, too.

Thank You for keeping me close to Your heart, Lord. Every time I feel it beating, life comes rushing. Another page is being written. Who am I, what did I do to deserve this, just who could I possibly be?

You say I am yours. The world falls quiet. I know its true.

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