Galilean Fellowship 2018


I spent the last Saturday with our church youth, celebrating the baptism of four of our new friends.


Prior to that, I spent a week of 13 hour work days in our office.


I’ve been feeling like a machine lately, working fast, working efficient, but spent and needing fuel at the end of every day. If God called me here, did He really call me just to print and staple and hit publish? There’s gotta be more to that, right?


I did a lot of wondering. Why, oh soul, are you so insatiable

I stood there, watching these young people going under the water and emerging reborn. They’ve crossed from death to life. That’s another nail in the coffin for my doubt – I was once dead too. Now I’m alive and breathing because of Jesus.



Jesus calls us. He says, Come, I’ll make you fishers of men.

Let’s leave our nets. Even if it means we have to pick up a stapler and a computer mouse most days.

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