the a list, revisited

Two months ago I wrote a bucketlist. Here’s an update!

  1. Own a house
  2. Decorate said house
  3. Have a solid skincare routine (is it because I’m lazy? yeah maybe. Is it because I’m poor? you bet)
  4. Write a 120-minute screenplay
  5. Own a dog
  6. Write a song (We wrote a song, music and all that. It’s called the Winter is Over. It’s based off of a passage in Song of Songs. Aaaand none of you will ever hear it)
  7. Go on a solo trip
  8. Disconnect for a few days
  9. Go on a non-awkward date
  10. Have lots of flowers in my garden
  11. Volunteer at a non-profit for women
  12. Own a loose leaf tea pot
  13. Learn how to do my eyeliner
  14. Have a daughter and name her after my grandmother
  15. Bring my mom to Taiwan and have her tour me (she worked there for a long time)
  16. Watch Disneyland fireworks with my brother
  17. Be unapologetic for having strong opinions
  18. Tell a story about Jesus through film
  19. Revive my website  (I’m here, aren’t I? yey me!)
  20. Teach younger women (i don’t know what to teach though.)
  21. Study linguistics.
  22. Watch a broadway musicale
  23. Re-learn the piano
  24. Publish something (Our very first issue of Y! Circulated in church! Has about a loyal readership of 20 people but yey!)
  25. Visit NASA

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