a list

Hello. There’s a million things I haven’t done (or probably done and want to do again) so I’m making a list. One I can look back on and hopefully find myself having achieved. Or one I’m okay with not achieving.

  1. Own a house
  2. Decorate said house
  3. Have a solid skincare routine (is it because I’m lazy? yeah maybe. Is it because I’m poor? you bet)
  4. Write a 120-minute screenplay
  5. Own a dog
  6. Write a song
  7. Go on a solo trip
  8. Disconnect for a few days
  9. Go on a non-awkward date
  10. Have lots of flowers in my garden
  11. Volunteer at a non-profit for women
  12. Own a loose leaf tea pot
  13. Learn how to do my eyeliner
  14. Have a daughter and name her after my grandmother
  15. Bring my mom to Taiwan and have her tour me (she worked there for a long time)
  16. Watch Disneyland fireworks with my brother
  17. Be unapologetic for having strong opinions
  18. Tell a story about Jesus through film
  19. Revive my website
  20. Teach younger women (i don’t know what to teach though.)
  21. Study linguistics.
  22. Watch a broadway musicale
  23. Re-learn the piano
  24. Publish something
  25. Visit NASA



3 thoughts on “a list

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