Sleeping and dreams

Lately I’ve been sleeping so deeply, my alarms don’t get through me, and I’ve been having these vivid, rich dreams about clean, pastel worlds where things go awfully wrong. Like the tv series Black Mirror. I wake up in a weird funk every time.

One of them goes like this; I live in a big house with a few friends. One night it was stormy, and I was looking out the window– no, I was leaning by the sliding door (the house was super nice) and beside the house was a giant bush. I saw a man, bloodied, leap out from the bush and go in the house and then out and then he ran away. I become extremely terrified. The rest of the dream is about me and my friends putting up unreasonable security measures, even against each other, and nothing bad ever happens to us again. We didn’t need those measures. But we did not sleep. Locked all the doors. Never went out again.

That misfortune was a one time event. The bloody man did not even steal anything from us. Just left a few bloody footprints on my hardwood floor but that was pretty much all the damage.

I woke up thinking, maybe it’s not worth it to be so guarded all the time.

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