Going home

One of our preachers said the words redemption and slavery in a single sentence, and I’ve been pondering its truth. That slavery is you being taken from Your maker, held captive, now a slave to sin. Taken somewhere far and hostile and unkind. Sin will gouge your eyes out and make you deaf. Will rewire your brain to be unable to distinguish truth from lies. You’ll forget your Maker, have no recollection of what His love felt like. Sin manipulates you and lies to you and calls it love. Redemption means – The said Maker moves mountains and brings down the heavens to have you again. The price atop your head is hefty. It’s a sum you can never pay. The Maker surveys the price tag, and with no hesitation settles the debt. Doesn’t matter that you don’t remember Him, or hear Him when He says He’s here to set you free. His Son pays the price. Blood on a cross on a hot Friday. Death, for your life. The shackles on your feet are removed. You are surprised that walking wasn’t as heavy as you always thought it was. He takes you by the hand. Grants you fresh eyes, brand new ears, a heart of flesh. Brings you home.

All I had to do was believe.

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