Day 1


Una, who would have thought na magagamit ko ulit ang kategoryang “Buhay Pelikula” sa blog na ito.

Pangalawa, who would have thought that I would be decisive today, in taking the proverbial giant leap, decisive enough to enroll in a screenwriting class with Aaron Sorkin, THE Aaron Sorkin. Pagod na yata ako sa baby steps. Hello, 21 na ako.

Pangatlo, who would have thought that in a week where I felt all the worse feelings, ang nafefeel ko ngayon ay excitement, because stories are brewing in my head, and who knows, maybe I can write a film by the end of this class, maybe not, but who cares. Ang importante, nakasulat. Ang importante, mababawasan na ako ng isang what if.

First lesson pa lang, sabi na ni Sir Aaron (wuw sir), The protagonist doesn’t always have to overcome the obstacle. He doesn’t always have to win. He just has to try.

And that’s what we’re doing. We’re trying. So hello, pelikula. It’s me again, your favorite prodigal daughter.

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