gained clearer sight when I lost my glasses

Writing about today;

Today I misplaced my eyeglasses. To be honest this is a bit overdue – I haven’t been the most careful eyeglass owner. Marami na ring gasgas ang lens. I don’t put it in a case kasi ang bulky, I drop it everywhere. But no matter how careless I’d been with those glasses, it never failed to help me see clearly.

HOWEVER, I am glad that happened, because; suddenly at 1 pm I was helpless and squinting and practically flailing around. I mean, I don’t have a few thousand pesos lying around to get new ones pronto, and yeah, I needed to get new ones pronto. 

Do you know what grace looks like, even through this blurry eyesight? Looks like this: my friend, not even batting an eyelash, lending me money so I can buy contact lenses. I was like, no, I can’t, that’s too much; she’s like, no, I don’t need that, you need it more–

An hour later I’m in an empty room at church stabbing my eye with this rubber disc, ang hirap pala ng contact lens. Nakakaiyak, mars. But I was tearing up largely because I was blown away by kindness.

Something I wouldn’t have seen without my glasses.

Another spectacle I’d seen in this spectacle-less day; redemption. A friendship that I knelt and bent at the waist for; totally repaired. Felt it in the way she told me things you only entrust to a friend. They say we can’t forgive and forget, but this girl did not keep a record of my wrongs. She intended to keep me instead, all the bad and all the good and we laughed like the girls we were in 2014. 

Forgiveness, can you imagine? 

Now, I’m at my favorite coffeeshop, with my favorite people, a perfect way to end this hell of a week (involved an emotional breakdown, lots of doubt, lots of tea). We’re talking about superhero movies, alternatives to fossil fuels, Jesus. Thank You Jesus. You put a lot of color in my life. I pray for sight, clearer, non-colourblind eyes. May I never lose sight of the words You put everywhere. May I never lose sight of You.


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