To Mel John

Today, a dear friend died. 

Nothing about death is romantic. Or beautiful. I don’t want to use any of it as material for writing. I don’t want anything to do with it.

Today a family lost a son. My friend lost her brother. Our youth ministry lost a wonderful young man. There is a hole that cannot be filled. 

Jesus – because of You there is a ray of light, even in the dark valley of death. We take heart that he is not suffering anymore. There in heaven, his heart is whole. Finally whole. Thank You Jesus. Without Your redemption, none of this is beautiful. But we have You. You turn these ashes into beauty.

Mel John, I will always remember you. You have been helpful in the ministry. You have been so respectful and kind to me. I remember visiting you at the hospital a few years ago. I was there to encourage you but I ended up coming home more encouraged by your faith in Jesus. You’re with Him now. All your longings and aches have finally come to an end. Hug Jesus for me, please, Mel John. I’ve been wanting to do that. I’ve been longing to do that.

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