Got you back

I’m glad we’re lining up at grocery stands again. You carried 26 books I just bought. It was heavy. You carry heavy things for me.

God has seen all the days I tried to fit myself in the new normal. It was a matter of breaking bones, shrinking myself, settling into the world that seemed to materialize in an instant. 

Satan comes to steal, kill, destroy. We were part of his agenda. Maybe we threatened him. Maybe God tucked a purpose in us that needed to be destroyed by the devil, because he knew he can’t win-

I remember the day you came home with a new language. You dipped into melancholy. You started to…. disregard me. That was the hardest thing to deny or explain away. Because I know your heart, two decades worth. The denial was the hardest part.

You know, the moment I found out, I dropped to my knees. Begged God to change the script. I am a writer. I know that’s possible, if you’re powerful enough and got the right connections. God is God, shaper of mountains and shaker of rocks. He can change the script. 

Took us a year. All the fights we fought we had to fight silently. I’m sure you know I knew. I always knew. 

We’re here now. Laughing again. Walking down grocery aisles like we used to. Last week I cried as you placed lyrics on a photo of the ocean. It dawned on me that I got you back, I got you back, I got you back. I was sure the Father was crying with me. He held my hand through all this. I’m sure He held yours too. 

Thank You, Father, changer of scripts, redeemer of stories.

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