When It Storms on Easter

posted on my wordpress site last April 16, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, everybody received a text from NDRMMC about a certain low pressure area about to make a landfall in Samar. I guess nobody anticipated how strong the rain was going to be.

It started pouring heavily (in the area I live) at around 10:30 PM. It was a heavy downpour, heaviest I’ve seen in quite a while. 

When at one a.m. it was still pouring, now angrily, I started to dread. We were going to have our Easter Sunrise worship service in a few hours. Some of the people at church were already busy mopping because the sanctuary had been flooded. Even at our house the roof started to leak like crazy. Suddenly I felt anxious about all this. Lord, why is it raining like this? This doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fall in the schedules we’ve made, the preparations, the efforts – why?

As I prayed my thoughts are transported to a stormy day in Galilee. Perhaps it was raining as hard as it did today. Add to that the waves that were slapping against the boat. Add to that the turmoil in the disciples’ heart. Their Lord was not with them. Jesus was at a mountainside, praying. Where was He in this storm? (Matthew  14:22-33)

But in the middle of the storm, they looked beyond the waves and saw a familiar figure. It can’t be. It must be a ghost. It must be an apparition. It didn’t make sense. They started crying out in fear. 

But it was Jesus.

Peter said, “Lord, if it’s you, command me to walk on water”.

Come,” He said.

Peter began walking on water, but when he started to doubt, he began to sink. Jesus took hold of his hand and saved him. The wind died down when they climbed back to the boat.

Those who were in it worshipped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God!”

It stormed today. For me it took a giant leap of faith and trust to see where all this fits into His plan.

He says, “Come”.

And so we come. We come to our Savior despite the waves, because He is above them. He created the oceans and the storms and none of it ever thwarted His plans. 

We come because even the storm can be a backdrop for worship. He can be glorified in this chaos, in the howling wind, in the nonstop rain. He can lift His glory anywhere, everywhere.

We come because even in the midst of the storm, His presence is already promised, and even when we start to sink, He is there to hold our hand.

We come because He is alive! He is roaring and dynamic and strong and is a victor over battles He fought in our place. “Truly, He is the Son of God!”

I’m at church now. Still raining. The service is about to start. I am excited for whatever God has planned to do in our midst today. May our voices harmonize with the rain. May our hearts be as wild as this storm. My God deserves it. My Lord, Jesus, who conquered grave to reach me surely deserves it.

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