Look up!

posted on my wordpress site last March 5, 2017

Life without Twitter is a slower life. Or social media, in general. There are so many things we miss because our eyes have been trained to look down. Let me illustrate my point-

1. I just recently noticed some of my friends’ little habits – the way they twirled their hair, fingers fidgeting, even the slight crinkle of their eye when they smile. I realized how much i’ve been looking down during conversations

2. Some songs I like have REALLY GOOD LYRICS and I haven’t even noticed how well they were written, because when I usually listen to them, my eyes are trained on something else.

3. I  am 70% more productive. My ‘breaks’ are not spent on scrolling down a timeline – I read a book. I write. I talk to people. Ang saya.

In between epiphany moments, syempre, nahirapan ako. More than the struggle of not seeing what all the others are up to, and anong trending, I guess the greater part of this lent fast is my own need for expression. And validation.

I have this annoying notion na if I don’t post about a life event, it’s like it didn’t happen. If I don’t tweet about a complaint or a joy or a funny thing I saw, feeling ko it’s not relevant. Wala siyang meaning. Because I don’t tell people about it.
Telling stories is a good, enjoyable thing. Expression is a rich part of human life. But I have realized that because I make it about me, me, me – I am corrupting God’s good gift of storytelling.

My inclination to tell stories, I’m sure, is a gift from God. May Jesus be the core of all my stories.

And by the way, friend – I encourage you to give something up for Lent. Exchange it for a time of prayer and God’s word. You won’t realize the vise grip of worldly things on your heart until it gets ripped off.

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