posted on my wordpress site last February 23, 2017

Being busy is not a curse. Not a burden. My hands are productive. My time, well-alloted, well-spent. Being busy means work is getting done. Work done means school requirements are met, grades are maintained, people hear about God’s love, other people’s burdens are eased, etc. 

BUT. Being busy is not my crown, either. The ticks off my to-do list are achievements, but they do not define me. I am just a steward of God’s time, talent, trust. A day well at work is an offering to God. I should not boast in the things I can do. Things I clicked “save” on and sent. At this season of my life, I am called to be a student, and a worker, and that’s what I do. Busyness is not my pedestal. Nothing should be.

The crown is not on my head. It’s on His. He wore a thorn-crown with spikes spelling my sins all over His brow. His blood dripped down His face because of me. The works accomplished by these hands, are only meaningful because of the nail-wounds brandished on His wrists. His death. My resurrection. His resurrection, the death of the old me.

One day at a time. All the way, my Savior leads me. Salamat Po.

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