First of all, you are. You are a woman. Designed to create, to be a home, to be a vessel, to nurture. To be the soft edges where there may be ruggedness. To be bedrock solid where there may be weakness.

Femininity is not fragile. In God’s design for a woman I see growth. I see life, given. Flowers in the wilderness. Roots, that anchor trees. Your smile is the rain upon somebody else’s desert – man or woman.

A woman has a million forces pressing on her and pulling her in all directions. The fallen world is pitting us against each other. Attacking our sensitivity, our heart, our compassion. Expecting us to be strong, but not too strong. To aim high, but not too high. We are expected to be bold and timid at the same time. To shine but never outshine. To dress to impress but not overdo it.

The world is unkind to our kind. But that will not keep our lights hidden. We look to Jesus who broke stigma and treated women right during an era when it was socially acceptable to not to.

Jesus, when You talked to that Samaritan woman at the well, when you picked up a bleeding woman by her shoulders and told her she was healed,  when you taught the woman who was sitting at your feet, when you lauded a woman’s extravagant offering of perfume on your feet, you taught the world that women are worthy of time, worthy of thought, and worthy of the truth.

What a special kind of grace it is to be created as a woman. Thank You Jesus, wonderful Maker of wonderful women. 💖

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