La La Lovely


Last night, I watched my new favorite film for the first time. 

La La Land (Damien Chazelle, ’16) is a beautiful tribute to lovers and dreamers. It is set in Los Angeles and gives several nods to classic hollywood films. 

But, mga bes, I am not a movie critic, so let’s not go there haha. But, I still have a few things to say:

1. Music – You know the movie is good, kapag lumabas ka ng theatre and the first thing you do is look up the soundtrack on Spotify haha. Ako, I am a huuuge fan of great songwriting. This movie has that, but even more, the music itself really got to me. Maraming parts na I got touched more during instrumental parts than the parts with lyrics

2. Dreams – paano ko ba ieexplain without spoiling anything? There’s something about two people helping each other achieve their dreams, minsan at the expense of their own. This film shows that give-and-take rhythm of Mia and Sebastian. La La Land made me think about my own dreams AND WHY AM I NOT PURSUING THEM (eto na, magsusulat na!)

3.   Falling in love – OKAY. Eto mga bes. I am always fascinated by the way two people share a connection. A connection all of us can see pero sila lang talaga ang makakaramdam. The planetarium scene was beautifully executed. When you find someone you’d love to love, it’s not really about falling. It’s about losing gravity. And if you’re lucky, he’ll take your hand and dance with you, among the stars.

And also, haaaay, Ryan Gosling.

4. Love and Regret – When you watch the film, hold out to the last part. Abangan mo yung montage. Hanggang ngayon I still feel the marriage of love and regret in that montage, haaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy


La La Land, was la la lovely. Please watch it. Worth it yung pagtakbo ko to the cinema na gutom, pagod, with matching paghingal.  


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