Forgiveness / Can you imagine?


I am a huuuuge fan of the broadway smash hit, Hamilton. I know all the songs by heart. One of my favorites is “It’s Quiet Uptown”. Mini backstory:

Hamilton had cheated on his wife, Eliza. A few years later, their son died in a duel. As they entered a season of grieving, they moved uptown. Eliza was quiet. It is, after all, hard to heal.

Unforgiveness is a quiet place. I have learned that it is. It is the kind of silence that keeps you prison. You pound on the walls and shout and cry for help, but there is no sound. It’s quiet uptown~

After long, Eliza finally speaks to her husband. The song breaks into a quiet refrain, my favorite, “Forgiveness – can you imagine?” 

When I heard that line, I knew that forgiveness was exactly like that. Unbelievable. It is the breaking of cruel silence. After infidelity and the immense sorrow of losing a son, Eliza chose to forgive. Can you imagine?

I have been longing for forgiveness from a friend. I missed her so much. But I had left her many, many wounds. I do not deserve to be forgiven – which is a lie, but one I have believed for far too long. 

She approached me earlier today. She asked for forgiveness, for keeping unforgiveness. The quiet was broken. I, for the first time in so long, could finally hear the song of friendship. What a bittersweet song.

 Forgiveness / Can you imagine?


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