Team Group Effort | Exchanging Gifts!

Nangyari na rin sa wakas! Our nationwide/inter-island/overseas exchanging gifts!!! Kahit na long-distance barkadahan ang Team Group Effort, I am soooo grateful na hindi nawala ang aming pag-effort.

Over a year nang naghiwahiwalay ang mga landas namin, with Ate Jenny in Masbate and Ate Maya in Davao. It has been a year of group chat sa viber, group chat sa messenger, kahit sa twitter may group dms kami. Effort na effort! It has always been a secret fear of mine na we will run out of things to talk about and baka like a lot of long-distance friendships, we will eventually fade, but THANK YOU LORD, we are still here! Huhu. Ang saya ko lang.

Thanks to LBC, na-achieve naman ang pag-exchange ng gifts! We finally opened our packages last Thursday, and grabe, I was just crying, crying, crying. Nakakatrigger pala ng tears when you see their handwriting again, and when you receive gifts na fit na fit sa iyo because they know you so well.

Ate Jenny said in her letter to me, na ang dami ko na daw na-achieve so far, baka hindi ko na daw kailangan ang effort nila. She said it as a joke, but it made me think. I realized na I survived a year without their physical presence, but I couldn’t have survived it AT ALL if I was not communicating with them. 

And honestly, even if I could survive without them, I would choose not to. Life is better if I do life with them. ♥

Friendships are God’s gifts, mga mars! Appreciate the ones you have today. ♥


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