Coloring Books

Yesterday's Memory Verse! Yesterday's Memory Verse! 

Yesterday’s Memory Verse! 

Last Christmas I received an unexpected gift from a friend – two coloring books from OMF Literature. These books feature black and white illustrations of scripture that you can color in.

Now eto, last year coloring books for grown-ups were all the craze, and I never found it interesting. Besides I do not know how to color inside lines. Wala akong ka art art sa katawan, alam niyo yan. 

But I have colored a few sheets from the book called Art to Feed the Heart, and I have been really enjoying it! I found it to be a nice way of meditating on scripture, kasi as you color you stare at the same words over and over. The page has your undivided attention. My coloring time has been my time to relax, talk to God, and really really think about what He says in His word. My brother and friends joke na alam nilang hindi ko rin ito matatapos, and like many other things, baka pagsawaan ko rin agad. I tell them, “wag nga kayo maingay, nagkukulay pa ako!!!” Hahahaha

I believe God wants us to enjoy His word. I’ve said this before, I am soooo grateful that God is a creative God, not as staunch as some make Him out to be. My God loves color. And beautiful words on paper. He is glorified, even by the arts. Thank You Lord 💖


You can get the books (Art to Feed the Heart) at OMF Literature bookstores, or at their online store, 


Image grabbed from OMF Literature's Facebook Page.Image grabbed from OMF Literature's Facebook Page.

Image grabbed from OMF Literature’s Facebook Page.

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