Reading, stuff, basta

I reread some of my early blog posts here, and gurl, may character development ang mars niyo. In fairness. I noticed a slight shift, na noong early months I talked about myself A WHOLE LOT (kasi naman wala pa akong readers then), tapos I slowly started writing with readers in mind, because ya’ll started clicking on my blog and telling friends about it. THANK YOU ULIT HAAA

But today, let me write like I used to write in the early days, okay? In short I WILL TALK ABOUT MYSELF haha haays pagbigyan si mars

It’s almost 2 am now. The other day, I finished a book [Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller// 10/10 will recommend] and kanina, I reread another one! I am now rereading Scary Close still by pareng Donald Miller. I have a few chapters left, I only stopped kasi gumising na si mommy to remind me that I have to sleep. As a good obedient daughter, I put down the book, got ready for bed and ngayon heto, nagbablog. Galing noh?

I am notorious when it comes to reading books. I can finish a book in one sitting, no exaggerations, plain truth. My friends can testify to this, they’d let me read something lengthy and I’d be able to do it in seconds, then they will drop their jaws as if on cue. Then they’d quiz me on what I just read. Tapos I can answer. 

I firmly believe that this skill of sorts was developed when my uncle would bring me to National Bookstore. I was probably 6 or 7. He would buy some office supplies and read magazine covers, all the while leaving me at the kids section of the bookstore., alam niyo yung place kung nasaan ang children’s books tapos you can squat or even lie down (NATIO BAKIT NIYO TINANGGAL YON I ONLY STOPPED READING AT YOUR BOOKSTORE KASI NAKAKAPAGOD TUMAYO HUHU) Anyways

The whole trip will probably last for 10 to 15 minutes. So ang bessy niyong si Krizia, has 15 minutes tops to read as many books as she can, bilang hindi naman kami mayaman and I can’t just ask them to buy books for me. Books were a reward, when I was a kid.

Repeat that for several more years and bam, speed reader na si bez. 

But more than reading fast, I love reading talaga. Both fiction and non-fiction. Noong bata pa ako I thought I was weird because I didn’t mind if the book had pictures or wala.  I just loved to read and know stories and repeat lines in my head.

In 2012, the apartment we were renting burned to the ground. It was a very traumatic experience for me. A lot of people gave us clothes and things to start over with, and syempre, a lot of people gave cash. Now Psych students, analyze this. Haha. Every single time I received money back then, didiretso ako ng booksale to buy books. That’s all I spent my money on. My books piled up and up and in a week nakumpleto ko ang books ni Bob Ong, together with a bazillion others from booksale. I spent a looot of money doing that. Was that my way of coping with loss? I guess so.

So ngayon, 80% of my books, I’ve already read and re-read. The really good ones, nabasa ko na 5 times or more.

Now I realize this post just sounds like I’m bragging. But that’s not my point. I guess to sum all this up, heto: I love to read, and re-read, I am sooo glad God reveals Himself in His Word (aka The Bible aka a reading material) and I am grateful I can, I choose and love to read. And, malay natin, maybe I’ll write a book someday.

Tapos ang usapan.

(Ang gulo ko kausap noh pasensya po! Matutulog na talaga ako promise HAHA) 

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