New Year!


It’s been quite a while, but I’m back! I was locked out of my blog for 2 weeks, kaya I was not able to post anything. But those 2 weeks had also been the BUSIEST I’ve been – exams, internship, 3 cantata shows, holidays – kaya okay lang. 

I have also messaged the winners of my blog giveaway last week!  

Anyway, I fixed my blog, and now I finally have the time to sit down and talk to you, mga mars. How have you all been? How was your 2016?  

You have been with me for the past year, at hindi ko talaga kayo titipirin sa thank you. Thank you talaga, mga mars. I cannot fully express how deeply you guys have affected my life, my joy, my faith. True na true. I started this blog, January 18 last year (malapit na birthday ng baby kong blog!!! Waaah!!! Magpaparty kaya ako? Haha), started it with a broken, broken heart, at heto ako ngayon. Still here. Much happier.

 Are you planning something for yourself, this 2017? Perhaps a set of resolutions? Okay gurl, alam kong maraming nega when it comes to resolutions, but if you are planning to have some, be encouraged! Kaya mo yan. Konting kembot at commitment lang yan.

I have several things I like to focus on this year, too, which I would probably share with you sa mga paparating na araw. 

I have three words for you, beloved kumares – keri niyo ang 2017. Sabi nga sa pop culture, three steps: dream, believe, survive! Starstruck!!! Charot hahaha

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