Our Stories and How They Are Told

shot at Casa Gorordoshot at Casa Gorordo

shot at Casa Gorordo

On our way to the last presscon for the day, (which is literally an island away), na-traffic kami. No big deal naman. But the traffic makes you rethink a lot of things, ano? I had so many thoughts. Isheshare ko ang isa, ayos lang ba? 🙂

Napagisip-isip ko, na-insecure kaya si Rapunzel kay Cinderella? Si Cinderella na may glass slipper at pumpkin carriage at fairy godmother. Napatingin kaya si Rapunzel sa salamin, napasuklay, and wished she had those things instead of her beautiful golden hair?

Or si Snow White. Inggit kaya sya sa mermaid life ni Ariel? Wish niya rin kaya maging part of the underwater world?

I have written about insecurity before, and that post propelled this blog kasi it got shared so many times. I still think about that now. About the relationships broken by insecurity. Or all the possibilities left untrue.

Insecurity is a nasty voice, isn’t it?

One thing that leads me to worship God is the thought of how He masterfully writes our stories. All great stories are just rewrites of existing tales He has already made. Our lives are His craftsmanship. But we fail to see the beauty in our pages kasi our eyes our trained on another book.

It dawned on me, ano po, that in this life we can do two things:

 One, we can spend all our days looking at someone else’s story; comparing our plot to theirs and thinking that ay, parang mas maganda yung kwento niya. Nagfit na sa kanya ang glass slipper. May prince charming na siya. They will live happily ever after at ako, heto, nakakulong pa rin sa tore. Pasuklay suklay ng long blonde hair. I will be a very keen critic. I will hold the story of their lives close to my heart, wishing, wishing, wishing. Sana ako rin. Sana ganyan ang kwento ko.


Two. I can be an active participant of this life. Fully here right now, not wanting or lacking anything, because the Author knows that at this page of the book, heto lang ang requirements ng story. I can trust that wonderful plot twists are ahead, that baka bukas, when I open another page, I will slay a dragon. I will conquer a kingdom. I can trust that the Author of this life is a good author;

Good, in the sense that He is a skilled writer of lives; the most poetic, most exquisite, most lyrical author and a master of storytelling. In Him there is no accidental plot twist or error or any blunder human writers inevitably commit. He is good.

And good, in the sense that His is the purest of loves. I can trust that He has good plans for this story, that this will give Him glory, that His heart holds me. His words show His love for me. He is good. 

And, ultimately, I can trust that the greatest love story has already been penned, His holy blood staining the paper of my life, making me clean. Love bled on my pages, erased my sinfulness, made me clean. 

Friends. Your lives are not poorly created stories. Hindi yan low-budget film. A Master Artist is at work. Stop looking at other books. A great great adventure is unfolding in your own. And if I were you, I wouldn’t dare miss it. 💖

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