Blog Gift-away!!!!

B.A.E!!! (Before anything else haha) I have a mini-kwento;

I opened the ablazagirl blog last January, at a very defining point in my life, char. Everybody talks about the calm before the storm, diba, but meron ding calm after the storm. When the destruction had passed and the sun has risen again and you are left with empty hands, a tender, sore heart and a broken roof over your head. You can now start over. Never mind being broken, you have a lot of fixing to do, go besh. Start over.

I did not open this blog to gain lots of page views or whatever, I just wanted to write. And talk. Only a few friends knew about this blog at the beginning, till it grew and grew–

And here we are now. *cue emotional music* 

This blog is one of the best things that had ever happened to me this year. I met soooo many wonderful strangers because of common connections with the things I talk about here. They are now friends. Who knew pwede ka pala bumuo ng pagkakaibigan out of pains and funny stories that make you say, “ay, hindi pala ako nag-iisa“. All because this clumsy, emotional follower of Jesus decided to put it on the internet HAHAHA

AND BECAUSE I HAVE THE BEST READERS IN THE WORLD, na talo pa ang teachers ko sa paniningil ng deadline when they look for new blogposts, you who are ever supportive and made me feel less alone and more alive, here’s a little something for you!

I am gifting away some of my favorite things in the whole world!!!! Let me tell you a little about them. Later sasabihin ko ang mechanics. (Mechanics?!?!?? Huhu ang taray)

1. CBTL Planner  


 Let me get this off my chest – i loooove Coffee Bean. To the very bottom of my heart. It’s my only luho in life. Haha. Hindi naman kami mayaman, and I know hindi ako pasok sa market nila, but i don’t care. Haha. I have done a loooot of writing in their shops, and a lot of laughing and crying na rin. Disshir, I decided to gift you one of their Giving Journals!

Journalling daily has changed my life. I started when in 2012, when I first followed Jesus, and on-off since then I have been journalling. I wanna share that joy to you guys, of being able to chronicle your days, na when you look back a year from now you’ll realize that God has always, always been faithful. 

And it will be easier for you to believe, rin, because the proof? Your own life.

Shout-out sa Ayala New Wing branch, who has the best baristas ever. They have become my friends huhu. Thank you for the love guys 💖

2. Papemelroti Paper Products and Orange Circle Studio Notebook 


Another luho in life is papemelroti!!! They make the most beautiful and cheap paper products. Sadly, wala silang branch sa cebu. Yun ang wish ko kay Santa this year, my own Papelmeroti branch hahaha. I am sharing all these to one of you guys!

The notebook is from U.S., made form recycled paper and soy-based ink (taray ng silver swan may pa ink na sila! Charot). May 144 lined pages. Don’t ask me kung binilang ko or what HAHAHA

3. The Case for Grace, Lee Strobel


This is Lee Strobel’s latest book! Si Uncle Strobel ay usang former journalist who came to know Christ during his investigations dati. In this book he looks into the concept of ‘grace’. Tanong niya, “can it truly renew people’s lives – or is it just wishful thinking that falls apart underneath the microscope?”

This book has jaw-dropping accounts of grace. This blog, too, contains stories of grace. We broken people share that. And I would love for you to read this!

4. Choosing Gratitude (Your Journey to Joy) by Nancy Leigh deMoss


Mini-kwento. I was sitting in my pastor’s office, at the height of another season of depression. We were trying to pinpoint a reason behind it. Probably the hardest thing to do. I have nothing to complain about in this life. I study in a wonderful school and my needs are provided and I have the most wonderful friends, but there was one thing I lacked. 

I lacked joy.

Oh, joy. Napakaelusive for people like me, and until now choosing joy is still a battle. But with the Bible and this book, I am starting to walk in the right direction.

This book talks about gratitude and why we should hold on to it, despite discouragement or despair. It is written simply and has lots of scripture and life experiences to support it. I am sharing this with one of you, to help whoever may need it, but mainly because you guys, have been a huge chunk of my joy.

Sooooo ayan na! You may ask, “Bes, how to join?”. Eto bes. Simple. Haha.

Remember a significant blogpost ko that affected you, whether it made you laugh or made you sad or whether it struck a chord with you. Any blog post of mine that somehow touched you (meron ba, mga bes? Haha). Copy the link and share it on your social media! Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, kering-keri. Just post a little something about that and tag me! 

After that, send me a screenshot of your post via Facebook or Twitter DM or email ( and tell me which of the gifts you want and a short reason why. I will choose a winner on December 10!

Simple lang talaga bes. Share a post, take screenshot, tell me what you want and why.

I look forward to hearing from you all! I know paulit-ulit na but I love you all. You are the most wonderful bunch of readers and I thank God for you everyday.



It doesn’t matter where you are sa Pinas! Keri naman ang shipping. 💖

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