October Favorites!

Hello mga mars, every month ishe-share ko sa inyo ang favorites ko bilang wala naman akong favorite na nagtatagal (promise). 

For the month of October, eto!

Favorite Book

I have been a huuuuge Charles Martin fan ever since pinahiram ako ng friend ko ng Wrapped in Rain. I am not even exaggerating, every other page ako umiyak. Magmula nuon we would scour every Booksale store dito sa Cebu to find his books, kasi dun lang nabibili. For over a year now never namin nahanap si koya Charles M sa booksale again. Naubos na yata namin hahaha

 Long Way Gone is his latest book. The story is a radical retelling of the Prodigal Son,  ika nga ng Amazon. Haha. If you know brokenness and being lost and having filth on your hands, this book is for you. Highly recommended. Maghanda rin ng tissue. 


Favorite Album

Again, bilang recurrent theme ng buhay ko ang pagiging lost and broken and all that, affected na affected ako ng album na ito. I can go and describe it, pero I think the lyrics will speak for themselves. Here are some of it: 


 “You’re changing my heart  / To want what You want / to love how You love / And that is enough / There is no greater plan that I need to know / You only ask me to follow //” –  What You Want

” What can man do to us / What can hell throw at us / We give our idols up / The best is yet to come” –  No One Can Steal Our Joy 

Aaaand the lyric that has got me crying non-stop:

 “ You want me / Somehow, You want me / The King of Heaven wants me / So this world has lost its grip on me” –  Control


Their album is available on Spotify and Apple Music! Go na! 


Favorite Color 

This month, pink. Don’t judge me!!!! Haha


Favorite uhm, thing

I swear, CD-R King is the broke media student’s best friend talaga. 

I am currently obsessed with these earphones na uhm, shaped like a phone. Hahahaha. I look crazy when I wear them pero wala kayong magagawa!!! 80 pesos lang to. Will probably last me two weeks. Haha. The sound is pretty good, but for sure in a day or so isang earphone na lang gagana so okay whatever


Favorite Film(s)


I was not able to catch any film sa sinehan this month kasi I was being sentenced to death by thesis. Anyway, I was able to watch Begin Again (Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley) and I kinda watched it again, and again, and again. I love the story, the setting, the songs (awow tatlong S yan mars!). Lord pengeng ticket pa-New York huhu

I also watched and re-watched a favorite rom-com, which is Stuck in Love. 

“Here’s a confession: I am not a great writer. I am a great re-writer.” Favorite line. Ako rin eh. I just rewrite what I experience. Si Lord talaga ang great writer.

So there! Check them out pag may time. Next month ulit!!! 


p.s. Tumatanggap po ako ng sponsors for this section charot

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