A Thought on Waiting

Friends, sometimes the things we long for in life take time to arrive. And while we wait, the counterfeits will start to sparkle and look appetizing;

Impatience can make us settle for the instant versions of our longings but these perish easily and burn up fast and they will leave you with a much bigger void in your heart – so wait.

Wait patiently for the good things. Work on being faithful to whatever God has called you to be, focus on the important things, make wise decisions. I know stories about being reckless and ending up to be successful may sound really good, but there is virtue in the quiet toil of our hands. 

Pray. Talk to the Creator about that longing. He knows everything about it – how the dream burns in your heart all day, how you’ve tried again and again to put matters into your own hands. He knows when it’s gonna happen and where and He knows all the steps that will lead to it, so talk to Him. 

And be grateful, for today. It is so easy to be lost in the worries of tomorrow that we forget about the beauty of today. It is my biggest dream to reach a lot of people and tell them about life and Jesus, but for now all I have is this blog. Some papers and a pen. And a desire that just doesn’t go away. I am not the most patient girl but I have the most patient God and that’s sufficient.

Truth to remember, today: God has good plans for you. Not good as in mediocre, lesser-than-best good, but good as in life-changing, love-filled, no-trace-of-evil-in-it kind of good. His plans are to prosper you, and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Wait for it. When it arrives, may it turn your gaze upon God and realize, “Kaya pala. Ganito pala ka-ganda.”





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