New Beginnings!

If I tell you kung ilang beses kong ni-refresh ang page nato just to convince myself that it’s true, you would probably laugh at me.

I have moved from to! (Grabe, the day I thought I’d never see)

Throughout my journey of sorts to setting my new website up, one thing has resonated through and through – lives can change when we obey.

So let me tell you the story of how this item got ticked off my bucket list. (joke lang, wala akong bucketlist)

About a month ago, a friend messaged me out of the blue. We exchanged a few pleasantries (awuw pleasantries) and then she told me she is a big fan of my blog (HUHU). And then she asked me if I was planning to get my own domain (like my own web address). I said I would, eventually, but hindi pa siguro, my blog is still new, barely a year old. 

Then she said she would buy me a domain.

My response, verbatim, was: Whaaaaaaattt!?!? Haha whyyyy

Her response, verbatim: You deserve it! 🙂

After a few more steps, I have my own domain na.

This is such a big deal for me. I couldn’t afford a domain. I want to improve my blog so that I can reach many people but I couldn’t spend money for it. And then here comes my friend. Who had a few dollars to spare. Who didn’t mind at all. Who said God has led her to do this.

There I was, miles and miles and miles away, drowning in grace. Small dreams get fulfilled.

I recount all the times my life has changed because people obeyed God – through this scholarship, or the friends I have, or their ministry. Their obedience has made a lot of things possible for me. It made me think about all the times my obedience have changed someone else’s life.

Like when we share the gospel. Or when we give cheerfully. Or when we, as friends, stick closer than a brother. When we fulfill the law of Christ, which is love, by carrying each other’s burdens. All those “Okay ra ka? Want to talk?” texts, or “what can i pray for you”, that came from a sincere place of obedience.

Friend, I hope you know that your obedience does not only affect you. It benefits others. Gives life. Hope.

Keeping and writing this blog – or any of my writing, even, – will be my attempt at letting people know about Jesus. May all my words point to Him.

Welcome to my new blog!


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