Fourth Year

Technically, 3rd year ko pa sa Undergrad. I have a full year before graduation. Sila, they’re on their fourth. And today (August 23) I had the most beautiful privilege of being with them, with my entire batch, in one room.

It wasn’t all that emotional, actually, let me tell you that – because we were busy. It wasn’t a sappy affair. We were rehearsing for CAS Words and Music – a big event in our college – and it’s their final one, and we’re all involved.

Everyone was on stage, except for a few (including myself) who were backstage people. I was doing a mental headcount when it hit me that on that stage, and around me, are the people I’ve seen almost everyday for the past 3 years.

They were people I’ve worked with over crazy deadlines, demanding professors and extra-curricular things. We wrote our first news articles together, our very bad news articles, and learned our way through the craft together. We made short films, music videos, wrote scripts, babbled our way through all the essays, aced reports and flunked reports and cheered and cried and fought and loved – all together.

I am close only to a few. I entered college with a mindset that I wouldn’t get so attached to anyone or anything. Perhaps that is my biggest miscalculation, because earlier today I stood before almost 100 people who I all know by name, and who also all know me, and I got the aching inside my heart that I would turn back time and decide to get involved in their lives. Let them into my own. I know there is no chance to start over, but I would if I could.

I took this picture with the thought that this is a beautiful group of people, and I have been blessed, way beyond blessed, to call them my friends.

What a special grace from God. What kindness. What genius storytelling that our lives intersect at this point – all of us unique, all of us broken, all of us being made whole. 


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