Dropped Nets and Footsteps

​Shot in Tacloban, this picture reminds me of several fisherman who, upon hearing Him say, “Follow Me,” dropped their nets at once and started walking;

I’ve been walking behind the same guy for more than four years now. There have been a lot of stops, lagging behind, bruises and wounds and “Lord, hindi ko na kaya”; a lot of detours and “shortcuts” because I’m a stubborn girl, but I’m still placing one foot in front of another – because in no one else do I find life.

Sometimes the nets I dropped shimmer from a distance. Sometimes I want to pick them up again and run back, and He knows, He sees my heart… but I see His, too. 

And He still goes before me. Most of the time, He carries me because days are heavy and dark clouds are looming again. But He’s still here. He still shows me the way.  Shows me Himself.

Lord Jesus, salamat po, for being my constant, my Rock, my Savior, my God. ❤

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