The office was busy the other day. To help us get things done for Youth Praisenight, we had several volunteers.

Among them were two young ladies who were helping me cut out hearts. They were having so much fun doing it while joking about each other, giggling endlessly. Ate Che, one of my superiors in the office, said this to them:

Ka-nice anang bestfriends mo ‘day, noh? Please be careful to keep your friendship, kay si Satan, di na siya ganahan ug two believers living harmoniously. So i-lessen ang bullying (sa each other), because it might breed contempt – familiarity breeds contempt. Ampingi inyong friendship. Daghan na kog kaila nga close sa una but Satan has successfully torn them apart”.

The two girls listened intently. I was listening too. After a few moments of silence they went right back to joking and giggling. Meanwhile, I was trying to locate my heart, which sank on the office floor.

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