Tacloban Diaries – Day 5

Kiddos ♡


Day 5 made me realize how at home I feel here. From waking up to dragging myself to the bathroom to take a bath to eating breakfast to getting ready for dvbs. It was a happy routine, a happy breeze.

It was raining when I woke up. Remember, we slept at the rooftop, so yes, we got a little bit soaked. It continued to rain throughout the morning. I missed rain. (Meanwhile I heard that it is very hot in Cebu right now. Uhm di muna ako uuwi. Hahaha)

We taught the kids a new song (Counting on God) and though it was raining hard outside, we were drenched in sweat. The kids are giggling and pointing and singing My faith is on solid rock, I’m counting on God. I can assure you that these kids are holding my heart in a vise grip.

While the kids were doing their activities, we made the decorations for tomorrow’s graduation. The rain simmered down to a drizzle. The activities inside ended and so the kids ran outside, and this happened.




They are graduating tomorrow! And we are leaving, too.

Lunch, by the way. Hahahaha


We spent the afternoon with the teachers. I noticed that the youth here are not lazy. We had a lot of things to do – clean up, decorations, cooking food and repacking the snacks for the kids. I did not notice a lazy bone in any of them. Some of us girls cooked a bazillion pancit cantons while the boys sang some songs and played the guitar. These are my brothers and sisters now. They have a vise grip on my heart, too.

When we were done, Pastor Dante and Ate Dolor gave us a mini tour of their city.



Pastor Dante and Ate Dolor

This is a memorial for all the lives lost to Yolanda. To the families left grieving and hollow, I have a mini-message for you: The grave of our Lord Jesus is empty. He is alive. That is our hope, that death is not our final stop. And that evil may seem to win now, but its destiny is etched in stone and God wins. God wins.

We also visited the ship that ran aground and killed lives. After that we ate dinner together, like a giant family. At home, tatlo lang kami. But I always loved big crazy families and that is us, here.


I do not like to think about saying goodbye.

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