Tacloban Diaries – Day 4

Early Birds ♡

Thursday. The beginning of new things.

Our youth campers left before the sun rose, so last night’s festivities was our goodbye. I woke up at 6:30 am, feeling sun rays on my face.

Pag-usapan muna natin iyan saglit. For the past semester my body clock was wrecked, as in. I will start to get drowsy at 5 am, then sleep in until 1 pm. Too many videos to render and essays to write and thesis parts to create. Also poems. Poems to make.

I asked God to fix my body clock kasi 1) youth camp and 2) summer classes. Sa youth camp I still edited videos at dawn, so hindi sya naayos, instead I ended up sleeping for a few hours. But it was fun. Haha.

So I tried my best to enrol for summer classes, but there were too many factors that hindered; so yon, hindi ako nakaenrol at Lord, anong gagawin ko ngayong summer?

I ended up here at Tacloban. After a looooong day, we hit the sack and I wake up at the time of day I used to sleep in. My skin has finally felt the morning sun, after one entire semester. Thank You Lord. Hahaha.

Today we were not scheduled to do anything in the morning, because our DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) for the kids starts in the afternoon. My teammates slept in, some of us spent the morning singing High School Musical songs.


Afternoon came. We had 63 students today, which is expected to increase tomorrow. We taught them the Never Be Shaken dance and we played games and I promise you, that it is not an exaggeration to say that we were dripping in sweat. I missed running around like that.

This DVBS is also a training of sorts, as we teach the youth here how to hold DVBS classes. They are the ones directly teaching the kids, as our Waray is only limited to common phrases.

I’ve been a DVBS volunteer before, but this one is one of a kind.

The students are behaved. They get noisy during games and they smile and dance crazy but when someone is speaking in front, they listen. They participate in the activities wholeheartedly. I’ve experienced other batches of kids before and these ones are the easiest to deal with. Hehe.

The teachers are admirable. I’ve never seen such dedication and patience, and it is evident that they are investing their lives into these kids. And oh, I should mention that these teachers were campers in our youth camp, so they are also tired. But they are joyful.

After today’s class, a group of young girls called me and said, “Bye Ate Kiss!!!!” My nametag says Ate Kriz, but they left the R somewhere. Ohhhh those kids. I’d gladly be Ate Kiss for you guys. Haha.


(P.S. my aping is unusually big in that picture. Pls pray. HAHAHA)

#TeamTacloban had plenty of spare time after the class, so we went to Robinsons Tacloban and bought new Sunday School materials for the church. Ate Dolor, Pastor Dante’s wife said that their crayons are so short already. Hehe. At the department store, I realized how many needless things I spend on and how that money can be used to let a kid color a page that will tell him about Jesus.

We spent the night cutting and pasting and preparing for tomorrow’s activities. We were tired but we laughed our hearts off. This team does not run out of knock knock jokes and funny stories.

Tonight we will sleep under the stars, at the rooftop. I am so grateful for this trip. I am so grateful for the team I am with. I am so grateful for Pastor Dante, Ate Dolor, the ates who cook and the youth who teach and the children who run around taunting me with the bicycle. Oh, how I love this community. Thank You Lord.

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