Mga mars, nasa barko na kami ngayon, ready to depart for Ormoc, then Tacloban. I am with 11 other friends. Hinatid rin kami kanina nung mga hindi nakasama.

I hate departures. I hate airport terminals and bus stations and piers, no matter where it’s supposed to head. Ewan ko ba, there is this sinking feeling. Everyone around you is rushing to leave. Some are heading home.

The recurring theme in my life this year has been surrender. And not being afraid anymore. I have a confession to make: I always have this fear of going on mission trips. Or teaching kids sa DVBS. Or even being a counselor at youth camps. My hands get clammy at the very thought. And well, iyan lang naman ang ipupunta namin sa Tacloban. To head a youth camp, and to teach kids.

God goes before us. The future is planned and the details have been arranged. To be honest I am still scared and unsure, but I am not afraid anymore.

And maybe, it’s time to focus on things larger than ourselves. So kung mapapadaan kayo these days sa Pier 3, sa may Terminal 1, wag nyo pansinin ang mga iniwan kong doubt at fear at self-issues. Hindi ko sila isinama, at hopefully, hindi ko na rin sila kailangang balikan.

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