Youth Camp 2016 – Rush





Let me tell you about something about youth camps

There is a sound of heavy feet entering halls
Not knowing where else to place the luggage they’ve been carrying around
Baggage they’ve been dragging around
They’ve been away from home
For a tad bit too long
They find that
The corners and the streets cannot substitute what they ran away from

There are collective sighs
Heavy lungs
There are eyes that dart around the room
But not knowing what to look for

Let me tell you about our five days
Of sleeping in cabins with twelve other people
People we never met before
About lining up to take baths
Or sharing meals
Or about running around with colored slime in our hands
Making each other colorful

Let me tell you about hours we spent in groups
Answering questions we tried to avoid before we ended up here
Let me tell you about nights we spent with teams
About sharing stories to total strangers who felt like family
Let me tell you about the sessions
Let me tell you about the songs
Let me tell you about finally recognizing the shackles and wanting to be free

We did not know we were prisoners until we learned about what the free ones were like
How they danced around without anything tying them to the ground

We were not the free ones

4 years ago, I was in the session hall, too, weighed down and shackled and doomed to death
That’s when I met the One who frees
The One who held the keys

Fast forward to today,
To this very moment where I hear the sound of happy feet pounding against the floor
Legs that are free of shackles
Voices that shout out joy and words of gratitude that cannot seem to find an end
We are no longer prisoners of our own habits
We are no longer slaves and we are no longer sick and dying
This is what freedom sounds like
This is His freedom and this is what it sounds like

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