Waiting Moments

Mga mars, I am currently in a bank, waiting for my turn sa teller. This is me trying to adult so hard. Hahaha.

I have lots of work left sa office. I only sneaked out kasi nasira ang printer and we were waiting for the repair guy to come back. Ang layo pa ng number ko dito sa bpi so I thought I’d blog a bit hahahah (taray, mem).

Life is crazy and fast. Youth camp na bukas, until wednesday, but I’d be going back and forth kasi magpapaenrol pa ako at may klase ako sa tuesday. There have been no lull moments lately except for this one. And all this waiting and sitting still and trying to keep quiet is feeling brand new to me. Sanay kasi ako na busy.

But God offers pockets of rest, in the form of waiting in banks and cashier lines and heavy-traffic jeepney rides. I treasure these moments the most. This is when I often hear His voice more clearly kasi I am forced to sit and wait.

We have to be proactive. We have to be on our feet and achieve our goals. God is with us as we work.

But we also have to slow down and pause for a while. God is also with us, as we wait for our turn.

One thing I’ve realized lately is that sa buhay na ito, wala naman talagang waiting room. Example, this singleness is not a waiting room or a prep room for marriage. That is not the point of my singleness. Or,  alam niyo yung stuck moments? Waiting for the next semester, next summer, next job, next chapter. We lose so much life in our days kasi we just sit around and wait and look forward, without really looking at the present and seeing what we can do with it.

We should work while waiting. Work on other important things. Work on listening more intently tp God. Work on reevaluating life choices. Work on being more still, because in my life, that requires a lot of work and effort, being still. Haha

Walang waiting room, but we have places of rest. Let’s grab them and enjoy them and sit still.

Now I wait, I write this blog, I rest.

Ay joke number ko na pala. Hahaha. Have a great day mga beshies!

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