The Jesus I know

It’s really sad that the turn of events recently had people thinking that Christianity is full of rules and bigotry and homophobic people. Friends, the Christianity I experience now is full of Jesus, which means it is full of love, grace, acceptance, forgiveness, and transformation. Sana ‘yun ang na-highlight, noh?

Instead Pandora’s box has been opened and people now throw snakes at each other. Whichever side you are on, it appears that you will certainly get hurt and also, inevitably, inflict pain on others.

Minsan kasi talaga, it’s not so much on what you’re trying to say, but in how much you say it. I don’t think Manny’s intentions were to drag a whole sector down the mud. But the words came out that way and what’s been said has been said.

My LGBT friends, you are not worse than animals. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God – just like any other human being – and oh, that you’d realize how our God has been pursuing you that you may know His love and grace and forgiveness. All we like sheep have gone astray. All of us. I hope someone somehow will be able to show you that Jesus came here to shoulder our offenses and usher us to the Father. Oh, that you may know how much you are loved and sorely missed by our God.

And Sir Manny, you have shown the rest of us that we will be persecuted for standing up to the Bible. Thank you for owning up to your statement and apologizing for causing so much hurt, while remaining firm as a follower of Jesus. May you cling to Jesus now, more than ever. May we reflect grace upon grace.

Yon lang, friends. Peace out.

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