Thy Goodness as a Fetter

October 25, 2015
I wrote this after seeing the Facebook memory of me, enrolling in college, which was the most unbelievable thing ever. Now, two years and half a scholarship later, here’s what I learned.


It’s crazy what difference two years can make. I remember holding my very first study load so carefully, as if paper can break, holding it as the tangible proof of a faithfulness I can not dissect nor break down into explanations.

If there is one thing I learned between this day and today, it’s this: blessings can grow on you. They can seep into your bones and into your bloodstream and they can feel so familiar, like a third arm or an extra finger. Familiarity is not a bad thing.
But familiarity can mean not thinking about it. It can mean going through the motions. It means later on you start acting as if the blessing was yours since the beginning of time and it can make you forget how far you were, how hopeless you were, how it came knocking at your doorstep the moment you got tired of asking for it. How wind got knocked out of your lungs when you got the phone call. How your knees buckled at the news of a new beginning.

Remember the day you first found out that you can exhaust yourself from crying out of joy, too.

Blessings can grow on you, but the danger is in forgetting. So friend, look at the tangible proofs of God’s faithfulness once again – your education, a complete, healthy family, a prayed-for spouse, a job, the baby you’ve always wanted, the career you’ve always dreamed of – look at that proof and remind yourself how you don’t deserve the good things and how He gives them anyway.
Do not lose wonder. Do not lose gratefulness. Do not forget the way faithfulness and grace tasted like when it hit you like a tsunami wave. And brace yourself for more.

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