Working Student // Work, student!

Not many people know na working student ako, not unless they ask or I have to bring it up due to schedule constraints (taray). Today I’m sitting in my office chair, kakatapos ko lang sa previous project (branding for an upcoming event). Kaka-approve lang. Another boss chats me, brand-new project, brand-new deadline.

I work in our church, in exchange for my scholarship, and I really love what I do here. Our church is big enough to need a team for events and for the need to brand/advertise such events. Masscom student ako, and today I realized I’ve been on a internship of sorts, for three years now. Something I’d never exchange for long weekend trips or extra hours of rest or other things normal college students enjoy.

I’m a fulltime student, too. Full units and all, trying to graduate as soon as possible. I can literally count all the days na chill lang ako at walang gagawin, because there’s always something to do, always a new project, etc.

Sometimes I get annoyed by people who complain about their school workload. Right now we have a thesis to work on, two docus to produce, two long essays to create and PR plans. Not to mention, minors. Working student or not, kailangan icomply.

I’m not annoyed na they have a lot of time to do those at ako, umaasa lang sa all-nighters.  I can’t compare. Kanya-kanyang laban. Pero friends naman, if you can still eat on time and sleep for at least 5 hours, we have a lot to be grateful about. If you have time to complain about it on Social media, e baka masyado kang maraming free time.

Today is Saturday. My work will probably end at 10 pm. Then I start school stuff after that. I have an early calltime tomorrow for work again. My point is, be grateful. Be grateful for the work in your hands now. Sobrang dami ng kabataan ngayon who are wishing to be where you are right now. πŸ™‚

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